My Levander + freebie!
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My dear friends,
It was a long time that I wished to make a “levander” kit,
but never tried before because of the huge amount of
this kind of kits in the market.
However, sometimes kits make themselves on their own, by following their own istinct
and so… before you can say any word, they’re completed,
with a defined soul and sense.
So I’m proud to present you “My Levander”…. Enjoy.

And here an exclusive gift for all my Facebook Followers!

Thank you!

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I'm a professional digital scrapbook designer since 2008. I do my job moved by the greatest love and passion and I thank every single person who supports my art and keep on following me. I really hope to involve you in a new exciting adventure, where to find new colors, feelings and visual art inspirations!
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