Venetian Gala: The amazing Collection!


“Venetian Gala” is the amazing elegant carnival collection you were waiting for. I’m reallyy really proud of it.

The Collection overview:

I always have dreamed to make an elegant carnival collection. Finally I found the perfect inspiration to make exactly what I wanted. Romantic, dreamy, colorful, vintage and classical, this is the perfect carnival kit for adult projects. As italian I took my inspiration from Venice Carnival, which is absolutely the most elegant in the world. I hope you will love it as I do.

The pieces:

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A Winter Fabula… Love is my centre. $1 per pack!


Personal Notes

And here we are. January is almost over. The first sight of this new year, a brief touch of where we can go this time and of what we can become. My sensation is that is the time to work hard, to explore even with more enthusiasm, even with more courage. I want to close the door of this month, where a dear friend of mine died at only 29, and want to leave a small flower behind the curtain, to always remember that I lived these strong feelings, there I was there for crying and to despair. But I was there.
Now I will walk away, towards my new hopes. Are we able to change our destiny? Are we author of what we live? Maybe yes, maybe not. But what I know is that I want to live in the best way, to make honour to the life itself, because there is no life that doesn’t worth to be lived.

The new Collection

Today I’m here to finally present you the new coordinated collection from The Studio, Winters Frost. My contribution sounds like a winter fabula:
Despite the frost, there is a warm quietness that embraces me. I feel protected, looking at falling snow from the windows. Children are outside, playing together, well dressed and covered from the cold, and my husband is preparing a hot coffee. There is a delicate and peaceful piano sound, I can touch the happiness inside my heart. As long as we are together, holding hands each other, it doesn’t matter the frost outside, I will still feel the flames burning inside of me.
Once again this collection talks of love, and once again my source of inspiration is my husband.
You can purchase the awesome Bundle for $6 only for this first week only! ATTENTION! This CC won’t be long as usual. I will keep the discounted prices only for FIRST WEEK! So, hurry up, do not miss the chance to grab it for this very special price.

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