Thedigichick is celebrating the 10th anniversay!


Hello my friends! This morning I woke up with a deep desire of some change. And as you have always seen even in past, Summer brings me new ideas and suggestions for the coming season. If I analyze my whole carrier, I see that I embraced a lot of styles and I never felt the intimidation of starting a new type of technique or exploring a new world of feelings. That’s why I met a lot of different customers along my walk, some of them are with me since the beginning and followed my eclectic path with devotion, others join me for some specific styles. And that’s totally fine. If you had the chance to read my blog, you know that I hate being static, as person and as designer. I have to move here and there, investigating what the life can give me. Very soon I will open 2 new stores of digital scrapbooking. And I also started my career as photographer, after spending a lot of time by enrolling courses and masters. This side of my job is absolutely the most stimulating and satisfying. That’s why I’ve decided to make a few changes to my way to propose you my digital stuff. I wanna give it a deeper breath, not only relating to scrapbooking, but also embracing a more large and professional public. I still have to think how and when, but I have already a few ideas and I’m sure that ALL my customers will appreciate it.

If you have any suggestion and/or feedback, please do not hesitate to share.

Please stay tuned because very soon a new HUGE PU Retiring Bundle will be run and you certainly won’t want to miss it.

Today, I’m here to announce the 10th anniversay of one of the most classy and beautiful digi-scrap shop on the net. “The” is celebrating with 40% off SALE, including my PU stuff. The site is running a lot of prizes and games! Go to look at what they’re offering, you won’t be disappointed.

And, to complete the surprise, we have the “Chick Blitz” containing tons of stuff for $2 per piece! It’s full of wonderful goodies! Enjoy.


So, do not forget to grab your favourite goodies at this special price! And tomorrow will end the fantastic Summer Deal running at my personal store!

valentina-pellitteri-summer-deal-2015With love,


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Reminiscent, Deal of the day, 70% off today only.

Hello my friends, I know you didn’t see me around lately. I’ve been away for a meeting with my husband, who is outside the city since 20 days, more or less. I missed him so much, then he asked me to book a room and go to reach him. I no needed to think about, in less than a minute I booked the hotel and prepared everything for the trip. I took my car and did about 160 KM, and the meeting was fantastic. He’s there for job, but we aren’t used to stay separate and it’s hard to survive through the distance.

Now I feel absolutely regenerated. I’ve visited the small town of Cefalu, which is a touristic zone with fantastic beaches and romantic historical boulevards.

piazzaduomo3 angeli piazzaduomo piazzaduomo2

Today I’m back with a new daily deal. It’s amazing, it’s the turn of “Reminiscent” Collection.


Purchase the kit for $2.54 only, the borders for $0,95 and the whole Bundle for $11.09.

valentina_kit_reminiscentvalentina_bsp_reminiscentvalentina_bpp_reminiscentDo not forget to grab your freebie!!


Thanks, with love, Val.

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