Special CU Deal October 2015


Dear friends, I’m going to spend an amazing week-end with family, but not before to leave you a few words on my new CU Bundle. I’ve made 10 new full packs, and you can choose to purchase the extended license (cu4cu) or the simple one, for commercial use only. To do that, choose the proper license from the drop down menu. Keep in mind that the invoice will be your license, where the description stands for simple or cu4cu option. Previews of the products won’t be considered as license themselves. In fact, the detailed images of the bundle show up “extended license” but it’s just because the single pieces will  be sold only as cu4cu stuff. So please be careful on choosing the proper license and on preserving the invoice.

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Family comes first! New coordinated collection


My dear friends, October is here. A new season comes in, new emotions, new designs. We open this month with a wonderful and meaningful coordinated collection. The theme is “Family”; I really loved working on this.

Family is absolutely the most important thing in my life. I live for my family, everything is done for them. Through this collection I want to lead you in a romantic family atmosphere, made of smells, sounds, memories. A spoon and a vintage cup to remember those afternoons when mom and granny prepared the sweets and tea. A pic of our loved cat, when we were children. A painting of that beautiful house where we lived, during our childhood. I really hope to evoke the same strong emotions I felt during the creation process. Enjoy.

This time I made 8 full packs; Each pack is available for $ 1.00 only. You can also purchase the Bundle for $ 8.00; Keep in mind that at the end of the promotion, all the packs will be packed together into a ALL IN ONE Collection. The advantage of the CC is that you can purchase only those pieces you like more for a smaller price. Enjoy!

Let’s see the pieces…

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